If You’re a Victim of a Sinkhole, Read This

There are plenty of emergencies that families know to prepare for: fires, hurricanes, even earthquakes in some states. But sinkholes? While surprisingly common in Pennsylvania and Florida, most people don’t worry about sinkholes on a daily basis and thus don’t know if their insurance policies will cover such an unexpected disaster.

What Is a Sinkhole?
Victim of a SinkholeAs the name suggests, a sinkhole forms when land suddenly collapses and sinks into an empty space underground. Florida law in particular defines a sinkhole as “a landform created by subsidence of soil, sediment, or rock as underlying strata are dissolved by groundwater.” Since the hole underneath the earth’s surface is nearly impossible to detect, sinkholes can’t be identified or prevented says Brice Zoecklein, a Tampa property damage attorney who specializes in sinkhole coverage.

Minor sinkholes may cause manageable damage like cracks in walls or fences sinking into the grass, but major sinkholes can literally swallow a house whole and cause enormous amounts of damage. Unfortunately, many of Florida’s buildings are built with the highly porous rock limestone, and as water is absorbed into that limestone, it dissolves and sinks.

Legal Actions for Sinkholes
A tampa sinkhole attorney may sound like a funny joke, but it’s a serious matter. Though insurance providers in Florida are required to offer catastrophic ground coverage, sinkhole damage isn’t always included in that bundle. It’s actually possible for an insurance company to legally refuse to pay a sinkhole claim due to the loopholes in the insurance language.

This makes it very important to take the right steps after you find sinkhole damage in your home. Cracked interior or exterior walls, ceilings and floors separating from the walls, windows and doors jamming, and dips in the yard are all telltale signs of a sinkhole. Rather than fight with your insurance company over how the damage should qualify in your coverage, call a sinkhole attorney to help you review all data and information and fight for your right to financial compensation for damage.

Don’t Forget These Three Things When Remodeling Your Kitchen

Kitchen remodeling is quite possibly one of the most complex and overwhelming home design tasks, since the kitchen tends to be the hub that keeps the rest of your house running smoothly. From lasting a month without an oven or sink to ensuring every artistic detail has been attended to, it might help to have a list of major priorities you definitely can’t let yourself forget says Keith Mcdonald, owner of Kitchen Creations in Tampa Bay, a Tampa kitchen remodeling company.

BEFOREANDAFTERBudget Higher Than Expected
It may be the golden rule at weddings that 15 percent of guests will decline to attend, but in kitchen remodeling it’s the golden rule to prepare for costs about 15 percent above what you intend. If you go into the process knowing that your $15,000 project will end up costing more like $17,000, that extra $2,000 won’t keep you up at night. Even if you’re proud of your cost-cutting skills and pride yourself on your ability to save every penny possible, kitchens are notorious for the “extras” that you really can’t predict in the beginning.

Don’t Overestimate Your DIY Ability
Pinterest is the land of DIY inspiration, and even the least creative and artistic people can browse through Pinterest and feel eager to dive into home renovation projects that would otherwise seem impossible. It’s important that you understand your own personal DIY limits. Some couples can remodel their entire tampa kitchen cabinets  alone, without any professional guidance, and it turns out beautifully. Other couples, regardless of how hard they try, end up with slanted walls and cracked granite.

Stay Organized!
The devil is always, always in the details. You are going to be swimming in paperwork, invoices, and warranties as you march through your Tampa kitchen renovation, so create a binder or file folder at the very beginning of your project and keep everything nicely organized so you can refer to important information at a moment’s notice. You will have enough to juggle during the teardown and rebuilding process; you certainly don’t need to add disorganization and uncertainty to that recipe!